Cargo BG 2

Who We Are

Air Cargo Equipment is your trusted provider for the repair, overhaul, and sale of on-aircraft cargo systems and parts. We offer one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry without sacrificing quality.  Our team is ready to work with you today. 

What is the Air Cargo Equipment Difference?

We go above and beyond to support our customers by regularly communicating with them about their specific needs and requirements. We provide solutions and product support that are tailored to our customers so they can continue their operations without delays. 

Our Mission

We're a leader in the aviation industry committed to earning the respect of our customers through quality parts, best-in-class MRO, and exceptional technical services worldwide.

Our Mission

Air Cargo Equipment is a part of FCAH Aerospace, a holding company that provides unique solutions through a unified set of brands. We deliver high-quality parts, innovative emergency equipment, and full-service maintenance, repair, and disassembly.  We're committed to providing aftermarket solutions to fit all your aircraft needs.

You can learn about our full portfolio of solutions by visiting FCAH Aerospace.