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Since 1904, Big Brothers and Big Sisters has facilitated positive relationships between at-risk youth and mentors dedicated to seeing them succeed. It’s a volunteer-based organization that focuses on one- on-one interactions that are personalized and highly effective in helping individuals realize their potential.

At FCAH Aerospace, we see the impact that a positive influence can make. We recognize that there is a significant need within our communities to provide support. And we support Big Brothers and Big Sisters in providing that support.

We Believe in the Power of Building Personal Connections within Our Communities.


Denny Crum – Head Coach Emeritus at the University of Louisville is an inspiration and a testament to the success of higher education. The Denny Crum Scholarship Foundation helps cover academic expenses for students that exemplify Denny Crum’s personal values in demonstrated leadership, community service, and academic achievement.

At FCAH Aerospace, we share these values and we believe that individuals regardless of circumstances–that demonstrate strong leadership, community involvement, and academics will change our future. We support the Denny Crum Scholarship Foundation to help students achieve excellence in higher education.

We Believe in Building Strong Leaders from the Ground Up with Investments in Higher Education.

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Only the Beginning is a South Miami area non-profit organization that is working towards creating economic mobility centers to distribute resources across underserved communities in Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade counties. This organization helps individuals of all ages with career exposure, financial literacy, and educational opportunities to improve individual circumstances contributing to poverty.

At FCAH Aerospace, we’re deeply invested in supporting the communities that we serve. Our employees–and their families and friends often have needs outside of our primary business. We value our employees and we’re here to make a difference, providing support for the diverse needs within the communities that our family of brands call home.

We Believe that Every Person is a Valued Part of the Community.

Our Impact

FCAH Aerospace is Committed to Making an Impact in Our Communities

We’re here to help meet needs–big and small, because together, we’re building something better.

How We Help

  • Financial Endowments
  • Donations Drives/Material  
  • Volunteer Hours 
  • Community Awareness/PR

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