Looking for Cost Savings? Look to DER Repairs by Aviation Inflatables

Are you in the aviation industry looking for a cost-effective solution?  Have you already heard about Aviation Inflatables’ DER approved Major Repair Process but aren’t sure of the cost savings associated with it? If so, allow us to fill you in! Aviation Inflatables has been providing fast and reliable repairs that extend the operational life of inflatables, reduce costs by 40% to 60% and reduce overall turnaround time by 40%. We invite you to learn more today as we showcase the benefits and help you understand our major repair process and how it can deliver the quality and savings you would expect from Aviation Inflatables. 

Cost Savings and Efficiency? This is where Aviation Inflatables’ DER approved repairs come in handy - we provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to repairing inflatable systems, such as slides and slide/rafts, without the need to replace the entire unit. The repairs are performed by experienced technicians. The completion of each repair is approved via 8130-3 while the technical data are approved by DERs (Designated Engineering Representatives) via an 8110-3, which ensures that the repairs meet FAA requirements and are safe for use. With the use of Aviation Inflatables DER approved repairs, airlines can save significant amounts of money and time. 

Our Process?  Our DER process goes through two phases, development, and validation.  During the development phase, our team undertakes five steps:
1.    Dimensional Analysis
2.    Deconstruction of the Unit
3.    Material Analysis
4.    3D Model
5.    Patterns Cut & Assembled

DER Repair Development Phase

Upon completion of the development process, we move into the validation process that guarantees the quality of our DER repairs. The validation process entails four steps:
1.    Testing per the CMM
2.    Sill Height Testing (Deployment)
3.    Beam Strength Testing
4.    Burst Pressure Testing

DER Repair Validation Phase 

For each DER approved Repair, our customers have confidence knowing that we are an EASA & FAA Approved repair station and that a dual release 8130-3 will be issued with each repair. 

Want to know more about Aviation Inflatables’ repair capabilities?  Aviation Inflatables is a renowned company that caters to the needs of aircraft owners worldwide. From inflatable slides to life rafts and even buoyancy bags, Aviation Inflatables can easily take on any repair job. Our team of skilled technicians ensures that all inflatables are inspected thoroughly to determine the extent of the damage before repairs are made. With years of experience in the industry, Aviation Inflatables stands by its commitment to delivering fast, reliable, and high-quality repairs that meet stringent industry standards. So, if you're looking for top-notch inflatable repairs, Aviation Inflatables is the go-to company.

Aviation Inflatables is a division of AVI Aviation, an FCAH Aerospace company that offers comprehensive, cost-saving solutions for survival products, inflatables, and accessories.  Please feel free to visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our solutions.