Halloween's Hottest Haunts: Meet the FCAH Aerospace Costume Contest Winners


Halloween, the one day of the year when we unleash our inner ghouls, goblins, and creative spirits, is a time for costumes and contests.

At FCAH Aerospace, our employees embraced this spooky tradition with enthusiasm, and the results were nothing short of astounding. With more than 1,000 votes from employees, friends, and customers like you, the competition was fierce, but the winners emerged with their Halloween spirit shining bright. Without further ado, let's unveil the champions of our Halloween Costume Contest!

Overall Winner(s) From Each Company

AVI Aviation

Cargo Repair 


Cobalt Aero Services


First Class Air Support


Individual/Pair Overall Winners

1st Place -  AVI Aviation

2nd Place - AVI Aviation


Team Overall Winners

1st Place - 1920s, AVI Aviation

2nd Place -  Police & Prisoners, AVI Aviation


Police and prisoners-2


Customer Choice Award Winners

Individual/Pair - Cobalt Aero Services 


Team - AVI Aviation


Congratulations to our individual/pair and team costume contest winners for their remarkable efforts in bringing Halloween cheer to the workplace. As we bid farewell to this year's Halloween, we eagerly anticipate the enchanting spectacles our team will create next year. Until then, Happy Halloween!


About FCAH Aerospace:
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