Introducing Bridget Pennington, FCAH Aerospace's VP of Human Resources


We want to introduce Bridget Pennington, our esteemed new Vice President of Human Resources at FCAH Aerospace. With her performance-driven approach and extensive experience in strategic planning, talent management, and employee relations, Bridget will significantly impact our organization.

Having excelled in various industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and transportation, Bridget has proven herself in union and non-union environments. Her ability to balance the needs of employees with organizational goals is unparalleled.

Before joining our team, Bridget held the role of Director of Talent Development and Corporate Recruiting at American Commercial Barge Line. She worked closely with executive leadership and aligned organizational capabilities with strategic objectives. Bridget spearheaded the implementation of talent development programs, fostering a culture of growth, accountability, and smooth leadership transitions. Additionally, she showcased her expertise in managing company-wide employee engagement initiatives.
Bridget's academic background includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration focusing on Human Resources from Indiana University Southeast. Her deep industry knowledge and skill set make her an invaluable addition to our team.

According to Isac Roths, "Bridget brings a wealth of industry knowledge that will greatly support the growth of FCAH Aerospace as we continue to expand globally."

To add to her impressive professional achievements, Bridget finds inspiration in spending quality time outdoors, particularly by the lake, where she creates lasting memories with her family. She also indulges her creative side through woodworking and various artistic endeavors.

About FCAH Aerospace:
At FCAH Aerospace, we are a holding company that provides exceptional customer-driven service and niche global aviation aftermarket solutions. We deliver tailored solutions to meet your specific needs, including access to high-quality aviation parts through exchange and consignment programs, OEM & PMA manufacturing, a global distribution network, and outstanding service through our MRO, DER, repair, and teardown capabilities.