FCAH Aerospace Expands Operations in Cincinnati

CVGFCAH Aerospace is delighted to announce that Cobalt Aero Services has strategically added an on-airport location at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport (CVG). This decision was driven by the emergence of CVG as a major hub for cargo Aviation, making it a convenient and accessible choice for our valued customers. Co-locating Cobalt's airframe structures repair expertise within FEAM Aero's recently expanded CVG Hanger maintenance operations was a wise strategic arrangement and a natural fit for FCAH Aerospace. CVG's vision to become a one-stop shop for aircraft repair and maintenance aligns perfectly with FCAH Aerospace and FEAM's efforts, and we are thrilled to be part of facilitating that vision.

"FEAM Aero is delighted to join forces with FCAH Aerospace and its renowned family of brands, enabling us to extend our premier services to a broader clientele. This expansion in Cincinnati not only enhances our operational capabilities but also allows us to provide an extensive range of solutions, including on and off-wing repairs, AOG support, inventory management, cargo repairs, and installation services. By leveraging our combined strengths, we are empowered to deliver unmatched value and efficiency to our customers, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in the aerospace industry," said Wayne Sisson, COO of FEAM Aero.

This collaboration between FCAH Aerospace and FEAM Aero exemplifies a shared dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. To support FEAM and Cobalt's customers, Cobalt will provide onsite and on-aircraft composite repair support for Thrust Reversers, Nacelle Cowlings, Flight Control Surfaces, and other airframe structures. FCAH and Cobalt will soon broaden the CVG location to repair other accessories frequently replaced during line maintenance. Products and services offered by the FCAH Aerospace group of companies will be available at or within a short drive from CVG; these include:

  • Cargo Repair & Air Cargo Equipment, offering repair solutions for cargo loading systems and components
  • First Class Air Support, providing global distribution of aftermarket aviation and cargo equipment
  • AVI, providing proprietary cost-saving solutions for emergency equipment, survival products, inflatables, and accessories

Tony McAnly, Founder and President of Cobalt Aero Services, expressed enthusiasm about the expanded reach of the company's services. "With this new facility and our partnership with FEAM, Cobalt Aero Services and our other FCAH Aerospace companies can provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs in the shortest possible time without compromising quality."

"FCAH Aerospace and our family of brands are fully prepared to assist the aviation aftermarket through our wide-ranging service portfolio," said Isac Roths, CEO of FCAH Aerospace. "Our collaboration with FEAM to expand our facilities and offer more value-added services to our clients is just one example of how we are expanding our business."

About FCAH Aerospace: FCAH Aerospace includes a family of brands that collectively provide comprehensive aftermarket aviation solutions. They are focused on delivering high-quality OEM, PMA, and aftermarket parts, maintenance, repair, overhaul, storage, disassembly, emergency equipment, and customer service with care and urgency.

About FEAM Aero: FEAM Aero is the largest leading provider of aircraft line maintenance services in the United States. FEAM Aero has maintenance bases at 52 locations globally, including two hangar facilities, and employs a growing workforce of over 1,500 Aircraft maintenance technicians and engineers. Over the years, FEAM Aero has diversified its MRO portfolio to include line maintenance, technical training, global AOG support, technical support services, major repair and recovery, and base maintenance. Our full line of services ensures our customers meet their mission and goals and mitigate AOG ground time. FEAM Aero holds EASA/FAA Maintenance Organization Approvals and approvals from several other domestic and international aviation regulatory authorities. For more information, please visit www.feam.aero.