AVI Survival Products Releases the New 6-Passenger Reversible Life Raft

AVI Aviation New 6 Passenger RaftAVI Aviation and its divisions, AVI Survival Products and Aviation Inflatables have always been at the forefront of innovation, bringing together ingenuity and expertise to provide top-notch products and solutions for inflatables, survival gear, and more. With unwavering commitment and hard work, we are thrilled to introduce AVI Survival Products' 6-passenger inflatable life raft.  This dual-tube, reversible raft is specifically designed for the transport aircraft category, marking a significant milestone for us. Our state-of-the-art lightweight raft is tailored to the needs of commercial aircraft space, ensuring compatibility with both your Airbus and Boeing Fleet.  For a limited time, you can save up to 10% if you pre-order our new AVI Survival Products 6-passenger reversible life raft by August 15th.  

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Our 6-passenger reversible raft boasts cutting-edge materials and technology, increasing the interval between inspections from the industry standard three years to now five years, significantly reducing the need for repairs and ultimately saving you valuable resources.

Allow us to provide you with a detailed description of our AVI Survival Products Reversible Life Raft:

a. The SP06001 Reversible Life Raft was certified in adherence to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for Technical Standard Order (TSO) C70b, Type I.

b. Engineered for over-water emergencies, the SP06001 Series Life Raft is a Type I, twin tube, reversible, manually activated, and self-inflating aviation life raft. It serves as a reliable and swift means of egress for both aircraft crew members and passengers in the event of an emergency.

c. For effortless deployment, the life raft is stored inside a vinyl-coated nylon valise that opens seamlessly. Upon deployment, the equipment kit is securely attached to the life raft, ensuring the equipment remains intact during deployment.

d. The life raft comprises two pneumatically independent, hexagon-shaped buoyancy tubes that are structurally interconnected. A fabric deck is secured between both buoyancy tubes, allowing for reversible function. The life raft is also equipped with stabilizing bags, lifelines, boarding stirrups, an inflation system, a heaving line, a hand pump, a bailing bucket, a sea anchor, an inflation/retaining line, and valise, all of which are integral to its design.

e. Throughout the fundamental structure of the air-holding tubes, we utilize durable and reliable urethane-coated nylon.

f. The life raft canopy is constructed from lightweight urethane-coated rip-stop nylon fabric. To ensure long-lasting durability and resistance against rot and fungus, the lifelines, retaining lines, and other attachments are crafted from high-quality materials.

g. Equipped with a manually activated, lanyard-triggered, self-inflating system, the life raft ensures a prompt response when required. The inflation system comprises a composite cylinder charged with N2/CO2, a pressure gauge, and an inflation valve.  In addition, the reversible life raft comes with a raft knife with a recessed blade design, a lifeline that encircles the exterior perimeter of the raft, a canopy that can be erected after boarding, a heaving line and ring stored in a fire-retardant pouch, a specially designed dual purpose sea anchor/raft valise, strategically positioned boarding aids, hand pump assembly, and comprehensive equipment kit. 

Remember to pre-order your AVI Survival Products 6-Passenger Reversible Life Raft for your 10% discount by clicking, pre-order today.

Raft backside
Raft Inside with Cover
Raft back side angle
Raft Pully
Raft Cylinder