Our new innovative 65-passenger raft

Raft_Pool_Blue_SkySunrise, Florida - March 20, 2024 - AVI - Survival Products, an FCAH Aerospace Company, recently launched the new 65-passenger raft, a new replacement for the 56-passenger raft. This innovative raft reduces total weight by eliminating the need for a fourth raft, resulting in significant fuel savings. 

Introducing the latest innovation from AVI Survival Products, a pioneering venture by FCAH Aerospace – the all-new 65-passenger raft tailored specifically to replace the 56-passenger raft. Say goodbye to excess weight and hello to unparalleled efficiency!  This is a repeat from the opening statement.  Suggestion to eliminate or merge into opening paragraph.

Manufactured in the USA, this revolutionary raft slashes total weight by eliminating the necessity for a fourth raft, paving the way for remarkable fuel savings. With our new 65-passenger raft, airlines can achieve extraordinary reduction in weight, depending on their current raft setup. According to a study conducted by United Airlines, reducing the thickness of their in-flight magazines led to a weight reduction of 11 pounds on average. This resulted in a savings of $290k per year. We are confident that our new 65-passenger raft will provide significant cost savings for our customers.

But that's not all! Our AVI-branded 65-passenger raft seamlessly integrates with existing configurations, sparing customers the hassle of making any adjustments to the aircraft. Boasting an extended repair cycle of five years compared to three years for competing products, this raft ensures prolonged durability, reliability, and total cost savings.

By requiring fewer rafts, our product empowers customers to streamline inventory management, reducing stock requirements, and enhancing operational efficiency. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your aircraft's capabilities with the new 65-passenger raft from AVI Survival Products – setting the standard for excellence in aviation innovation.

"At AVI, we aim to push the boundaries of innovation while delivering quality, safety, and exceptional service. That is why we are so excited to introduce our new 65-Passenger raft to the aviation industry," states German Alvarez, CEO of AVI. "We believe it is a game-changer," he added.

Isac Roths, CEO of FCAH Aerospace, announced, "At FCAH Aerospace, our mission is to become the respected preferred partner in our aviation industry segments and to work strategically with customers by providing quality parts, best-in-class MRO, and technical services worldwide. This 65-passenger raft is just one of our efforts to establish ourselves as leaders in this space, and we look forward to showcasing more!" 

The new 65 passenger raft is available to customers today, and customers can learn more by visiting www.fcahaerospace.com/new-products. 

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