The Superheroes of Aviation Survival Products with Life Preserver U900

MicrosoftTeams-image (28)-2AVI Survival Products prides itself on being the unsung hero within the aviation industry, always delivering reliable products when they are needed most. Our team of dedicated engineers takes their role seriously in creating life-saving equipment, including life vests and rafts. With unwavering integrity and a commitment to excellence, we proudly manufacture the Adult/Child Life Preserver U900, our very own superhero costume.

This exceptional life preserver is approved to the latest FAA TSO (TSO-C13g) standard and boasts a single-cell inflatable design for the Adult/Child category. It features an open-collar design, ensuring ease of use and suitability for all individuals weighing over 35 lbs. The waist strap secures the life preserver with a single attachment and adjustment point, providing quick and secure donning. You can inflate it using the installed CO2 Cylinder or the Manual Oral Valve. Additionally, it comes equipped with a Locator Light for enhanced visibility.

The U900 Life Preserver is available in customizable pack sizes and offers inspection intervals of either 5 or 10 years, making it effortlessly storable in any aircraft, whether commercial or in the general aviation industry.

Here at AVI Survival Products, we take pride in offering custom cost-saving packages specifically tailored to meet your unique requirements. Don't hesitate to reach out to us today and purchase your very own AVI Survival Product Adult/Child Life Preserver U900, joining us in our mission to be the true superheroes of the aviation industry.

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