Cobalt Aero Services Signs an Agreement with National Airlines


National Airlines has signed an agreement with Cobalt Aero Services, an FCAH Aerospace company, in support of structured pricing and rotable and surplus inventory.

The two companies have entered into an agreement for the preferred work scope and pricing of National Airlines CF6-80C2 Nacelle components. National Airlines will benefit from a comprehensive suite of solutions, including repair costs, exchange plus repair costs, and flat rate exchanges for components such as:

  • Nose Cowl
  • Fan Cowl
  • Thrust Reverser
  • Engine Core Cowl
  • Exhaust Nozzles

Additionally, Cobalt Aero Services will provide assistance to National Airlines in selling and/or dismantling surplus materials to support operational needs. These materials will be sold in either AR or SV conditions depending on the market requirements.

For more information on Cobalt Aero Services' comprehensive solutions, including MRO, distribution, inventory management, and loans & exchanges, visit Cobalt Aero Services Solutions.

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