FCAH Aerospace 2023 Recap - Breaking Barriers


2023 was a groundbreaking year for FCAH Aerospace and our family of brands, as we shattered barriers and pushed the boundaries of what is possible. We experienced tremendous growth by welcoming two new companies into our family, expanding our facilities, and introducing innovative products and services, all while remaining committed to supporting our local communities.

Our family of brands expanded in 2023 to include partnerships with Air Cargo Equipment and Cobalt Aero Services. These companies, along with AVI Aviation, Cargo Repair, and First Class Air Support now represent FCAH Aerospace's growing organization. This expansion enabled us to provide even more comprehensive solutions to our valued customers, harnessing the power of synergy. Furthermore, we enhanced our capabilities by establishing a new AVI Aviation Facility in Hapeville, GA, which significantly increased our warehouse space to over 183k square feet for AVI Aviation and over 430k square feet across FCAH Aerospace.

2023 also marked an exciting transformation for FCAH Aerospace and our family of brands, as we unveiled a new website and revamped our tradeshow booths and spaces. These changes symbolize our unity as a company and our commitment to delivering a seamless experience to our customers.

Feature Image - 6 Passenger RaftInnovation was at the forefront of our endeavors in 2023, with the introduction of AVI Aviation's groundbreaking 6-Passenger Raft for Survival Products and the revolutionary Girt Assembly Unit. Additionally, we proudly launched our latest DER for Collins Caster panels, showcasing our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the aerospace industry. To learn more about these cutting-edge solutions, click the highlighted links to access our blogs.

Isac holding award.One of our core values is serving others, and in 2023, we wholeheartedly embraced this principle. Our companies dedicated their time and resources to support numerous charities, including Big Brother, Big Sisters (BBBS), Only the Beginning, and over 30 other organizations that focus on at-risk youth, housing, education, and more. We also celebrated the achievements of our team members, with Richard Skip Anderson being honored with the prestigious Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award and Isac Roths receiving the Clifford P. Norman Award for his exceptional support of BBBS.

2023 was a year filled with remarkable accomplishments for FCAH Aerospace and our family of brands, and we are eagerly preparing to achieve even more in 2024. Our focus will be on providing cost-saving solutions through our DER and PMA programs, delivering comprehensive packages, and introducing exciting new products. Above all, our team remains dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities by devoting our time, passion, and resources.